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Crystal Lake's premier custom tattoo studio

Welcome to Dark Heart!
We are Crystal Lake's premier custom tattoo studio located at 448 W Terra Cotta Ave (176).
Unlike other shops who worry about getting you in and out of the door, we take pride in spending the necessary time on your individual custom design, leaving you with permanent body art you can be proud of.
We craft strictly custom individual designs for individuals. Our comfortable studio is the perfect creative environment for our talented artists to create a beautiful piece of custom body art for you!
Please call (815) 893 4655 to set up a consultation or to speak with one of our artists.

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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that mimics your own natural eyebrow hairs. A certified Mircoblading artist will utilize your existing brow structure or potentially map out a new desired shape with you in order to "paint in" each individual hair using a manual tool and pigment, leaving you with your fullest, most beautiful brow.

Dark Heart currently has two Microblading specialists, Annie & Rachel. Stop into the shop to talk with one of them and learn more about Microblading.

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Microbladed brows by Annie  @TheArcherBrows

Microbladed brows by Annie @TheArcherBrows

  • Standard Brow Fill

  • Brow Restoration

  • Ombred Brows

  • Powdered Brows

  • Freckling/Beauty Mark

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Microblading Can Used To:

  • Fill out sparse or non-existent eyebrows

  • Thicken brows caused by years of over plucking

  • Lengthen shorter brows

  • Create a new desired brow shape

  • Restore a natural appearance due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy or alopecia

  • Assist those who have difficulty applying makeup due to unsteady hands

  • Shorten lengthy makeup routines

  • Ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle

Who may not be a candidate:

  • Anyone with a heart condition or pacemaker

  • Anyone currently pregnant or nursing

  • Anyone currently on Accutane

  • Anyone with diabetes or under a doctor's care

  • Anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatments

  • Anyone with high blood pressure

  • Anyone using blood thinning prescriptions

  • Anyone with a medical history of keloids or keloid scarring

  • Anyone with an open wound present in the area

  • Anyone with a bacterial or viral infection

  • Anyone under the age of 18

Microblading above by Annie @TheArcherBrows